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Congratulations and Celebrations

Our time at Mwebaza School gave us many reasons to celebrate! We spent two days facilitating many school wide programs, all of which directly benefit the school and the community. While some of us interviewed families in need that were applying for a scholarship to send their child to school for free, others oversaw our biannual pen pal letter exchange program. As the students finished writing their letters, we gathered them in groups to help them make paper bag puppets from a suitcase full of art and craft supplies that we brought from the US.

We also followed up on projects that we had started years ago. We were glad to see things moving along smoothly! Even though it's not always easy, their innovation, ingenuity, and hard work allows them to flourish. I was so surprised when Namatovu took us to the new middle school property and the courtyard was full of rows of maize! But my surprise turned to admiration when I realized she had planted this crop to feed the children and the c…

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